Magnets Starting ($7.50 per ft²)


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Introducing our premium magnet sheet crafted from a high-quality 30 mil material, boasting a smooth surface that ensures optimal color printing. Primarily designed for car door signage, this versatile magnet sheet also excels as temporary signage for dynamic work environments like construction sites. The graphics are printed directly using UV technology, resulting in a long-lasting matte appearance.


  • Maximum Size: 24″ High X 60″ Wide
  • Resolution: Digitally printed in high resolution at 720 x 720, single-sided printing.


  • Versatile for both Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • Waterproof and UV safe, ensuring longevity over the years


  • 30 mil. Matte Magnet

Note: For optimal performance, please allow the magnet to magnetize to your vehicle overnight before driving. Failing to do so may result in detachment.

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Invest in quality and durability with our magnet sheets, designed to meet your diverse signage needs.